27 Nov

Manchester transport plan ballot papers sent out

Manchester transport plan ballot papers sent out

Voters around Greater Manchester have started receiving their ballot papers ahead of a referendum on a proposed congestion charging system.

Should the vote go in favour, money will be used to pay back a loan tied to the deal that will fund public transport improvements.

Areas of the city region that get major new transport connections - such as linkage to the Metrolink tram network - may see their house prices improve as a result.

It has been suggested that the addition of new transport links can help to revitalise areas of cities that receive them, something that may help attract extra investment in housing.

Such a comment was recently made by property firm Young Group's chief executive Neil Young in response to news of the deal that will see the British Airports Authority contributing towards the cost of London's Crossrail scheme.

He said it would provide "a much needed boost to confidence in the local markets close to the route's stations".

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